BoatWarden - Boat Alarm: Protect, Monitor, Control from your iPhone

BoatWarden is custom designed security device for your boat, which you control from your phone. With BoatWardenyou can secure your boat against sinking and theft, monitor your boat from anywhere in the world and even control vital systems too!

With BoatWarden you can secure your boat from sinking and theft, and you can monitor your boat remotely. You can control the bilge pumps, heating and lighting or check on battery and fuel* levels. BoatWarden is the ultimate in boat security combined with an easy to use iPhone App and includes a GPS/GSM Boat security, Boat Alarm, Boat monitoring and Remote Command System.

Choose BoatWarden to ensure that your boat is secure 24/7. 

Whether your craft is swing mooring or at a marina or in winter storage, Boatwarden can protect your boat by monitoring it all the time so you do not have to worry.

BoatWarden Features include: 

• SMS Alerts
• GPS Tracking
• Anchor Alarm
• Mooring Alarm
• Remotely Turn Pump On
• Shore Power Monitoring
• On Demand Reports eg. boat location etc...

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